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The Network’s members are institutions and not individuals but each university has a nominated key university representative (see ‘Who we are’ on this website). Staff from institutions who are members can take part in the Network.

There is a formal procedure for new members to join the Network. The first step is that an email expressing an interest in joining should be sent to the Network Co-Chairs (, The second step is that a formal letter from the university Rector(UniTWIN is a commitment of Universities) should be sent to Unitwin@unesco.orgwith a cc. to the Network Co-Chairs who will forward it to UNESCO’s Education division for approval. The Rector’s letter should state that the University wishes to join the UNECO UniTWIN Network on Gender Media and ICTs, why and who would be the nominated key university representative/s.


Please send any material to post to this website to

For informal communication and sharing, please go to the Facebook called ‘Media Gender & ICT UniTwin’, which can be found at: